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High Security Bolt Seals / C-TPAT Compliant Bolt Security Seals

In order for a HIGH security seal to be C-TPAT compliant, the following criteria must be met, and should be documented by the manufacturer:

1) The manufacturer of the seal has to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

2) The manufacturer of the seal has to be ISO 17712 Annex A Certified.

3) The security seal in question has to be tested under the ISO 17712 test for mechanical security seals, and be classified as an “H” HIGH SECURITY SEAL accordingly. This will be documented by an ISO 17712 test certificate.

4) The testing lab that does the test has to be accredited according to ISO 17025 to perform the mechanical security seal testing according to ISO 17712.

Mega Fortris offers more types of C-TPAT compliant security seals than any other manufacturer in the world. Our C-TPAT Compliant seals can loosely be categorized into 3 types of products:

  1. Bolt Seals
  2. Cable Seals
  3. Dual Locking Seals

Bolt Seals

Bolt seals were originally designed to be “one time use padlocks”, and are today available in many different designs, offering many different features.

Mega Fortris manufactures more types of bolt seals than any other manufacturer, and all of our bolt seals meet the so-called “18 mm. minimum diameter requirement” of ISO 17712:2010.

Below is a listing of our most popular bolt seals:


Mega Fortris most popular bolt seal. It features dual numbering on pin and cylinder as well as an oval shaped 360 degree anti-spin protection. Bolt and cylinder are connected by a plastic connector, which makes it very easy for the user to retrieve the same-numbered cylinder and bolt, as the user applies the seal.

2-K Klicker

As the only manufacturer in the world, Mega Fortris has recently introduced the world’s first Klicker bolt seal in a dual injection color version. A unique manufacturing process allows Mega Fortris to mold two colors of ABS plastic cover onto the bolt seal, making it an extremely difficult to COPY or CLONE the bolt seal. This provides our customers with significant added security value.


Mega Fortris’ unique flexible bolt seal featuring an extra-long flexible bolt pin. Flexiklick is a great solution for sealing roll down truck trailer doors which typically require a slightly longer bolt pin. Flexiklick offers many advantages:

  1. It does not puncture truck tires when the cut-off pin has been discarded onto i.e. a truck terminal area.
  2. It features a 360 degree anti-spin feature.
  3. Dual numbering – on pin and cylinder.
  4. It has zero “ricochet effect” when cut by a bolt cutter or cable cutter.
  5. The flexibility of the pin allows it to be applied to trailer hasps that have been bent out of shape after years of abuse.

Mega Rail Bolt

Developed specifically for the rail industry, the Mega Rail Bolt features a super hardened pin that cannot be cut by a bolt cutter. The bolt requires removal by a purposely designed “breaker bar”, provided by Mega Fortris.

Mega Container Seal

A bolt seal featuring 180 degree anti-spin protection. Unlike the Klicker bolt seal the pin and bolt of the Mega Container Seal are not connected by a plastic connector. Mega Container Seal also features double numbering on pin and cylinder.

Container Bolt Lock

Traditional bolt seal, featuring a steel pin and a traditional cylinder. The Container Bolt Lock does not feature any anti-spin protection, and unlike the Klicker and Mega Container Seal, the pin is not covered in ABS plastic, and does not offer double marking on pin and cylinder.

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